Buyer Protection Program

Shop Confidently and safely with Buyer Protection Program.
Get a refund if your item doesn’t arrive, arrived damaged, or isn’t as described within the protection period.
This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence.

What’s eligible for Buyer Protection Program?

There are some exceptions where the Buyer Protection Program does not apply to certain types of items:
• personalised items and custom-made items
• fragile or perishables items (e.g. food, dairy & eggs and flowers)
• items which are not suitable for return for reasons of hygiene or health protection (e.g. underwear, lotion, toothpaste)
• you have destroyed or damaged the items (e.g. items without package, price tags, satefy seals and/or labels), except for the damages to the package for checking the contents of the items
• the value of the items has substantially decreased due to your use or partial consumption (e.g. used items)
• the value of the items has substantially decreased due to passage of time and those items could not be resold
• you have damaged the package of copiable items (e.g. unwrapped CDs, DVDs and computer software)Your order doesn’t match the item descriptions or photos or arrived damaged /shortage; Your item didn’t arrive or was lost in transit within the guaranteed delivery window in order detailed page; This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence. We’ve got your back if something goes wrong. See below on how it works:Buyer Protection Program Terms and conditions

Contact Seller

Select the order and discuss the issue with the seller by click “contact seller” and see possible solutions.

File a Return/ Refund Request

Select the item(s) you would like to return/refund via “My orders->order detail->Return/refund” .Please share your reason for return to help us serve you better next time, upload related information when needed and click “Submit” (If the return is made due to change of mind, you shall pay for related return shipping fee)

Get Refunded

If your order is eligible for Buyer Protection Program, you’ll be refunded for your item(s). You may choose to receive the refund to your AliExpress fast refund-bonus (certain conditions applied) or your original payment method. You will receive a confirmation when the refund is done.

Free Return

For items with “Free Return” label, you can return the products within 15 calendar days from receiving the item(s) in an eligible delivery location, without any reason or justification if the item is in unused and undamaged condition with original packaging and all safety seals and labels are retained and not damaged.
For Large Orders and Overseas Territories Orders, before you place the order, please contact the seller or the platform customer service to confirm if you are entitled to Free Return service.
* Large Orders refer to the parcels exceeding one of the following standards:
– Longest side: 120 CM
– Total of length, width and height: 210 CM
– Weight: 30 KG
* Overseas Territories Orders refer to the orders with addresses in the territories of Spain, the postal code of which starts with 35, 38, 51 or 52.
Return package services are currently suspended for the following areas and territories:
– Ukraine: regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozha, Kherson.
– United States : military zip code starts with 090-099, 962-966 and 340, PR zip code starts with 006-009, HI zip code begins with 967-969.
For more details, please consult our Help Center, Terms and Conditions.


• Select the item(s) you would like to return/refund via “My orders->order detail->Return/refund, pack the items and use the return label to send back the returned items.
• Please return the items in accordance with the instructions on the return form that you receive.

Service Scope

Most items are eligible for free returns if you’re not satisfied, except:
1. Items that are worn, washed, damaged, with tags, packaging or hygiene sticker removed or in an incomplete set.
2. Fresh & Frozen Food, Dairy & Eggs, Live plants and etc.
3. Underwear, Panties , Adult Products and etc.
4. Tickets, Vouchers & Services, Virtual products and etc.
5. Free gifts
6. Customized products
• For your each return request, we will provide you with one pre-paid return label. However, in total, you are only entitled to receive a maximum of three (3) pre-paid return labels per month.
• If you initiate multiple return requests under the same order, you may receive several pre-paid return labels (up to three) or still only receive one pre-paid return label, which shall be subject to the system. If only one pre-paid return label is offered to you for your several requests, please return all returned items in one parcel, otherwise, if you send part of returned items with the pre-paid return label, although you can still return other items under the same order within the time limit, we regret that you may need to pay additional shipping fees for the return of other items.
• AliExpress monitors return activity for abuse and reserves the right to limit returns on AliExpress in all instances.
Item(s) with “Free return” will enjoy the above service. currently there are 24 countries is enjoying this service, and we are in the mid of expanding this service to more countries.


• You will be fully refunded as soon as the quality control has been completed at the warehouse and the returned items meet the conditions of refund.
• You can always go to your request detail page to keep updated about return progress. After requests finished with full refund, your financial institution may take longer to reflect the transaction.

Statutory rights

Cancellation of Orders

You may apply for cancellation of your order at any time once you have successfully paid and until the seller makes the shipment. You may also apply for cancellation of your order to the extent permissible by applicable laws and regulations. To cancel your order, please follow these steps at here.

Exchanges, Replacements and Complaints

For the requirements and procedures for exchanging an item, please contact your seller. For the matters relating to complaints , you may seek the online support at the Help Center.

Warranty period and any other material matters relating to the items

Please refer to the relevant product listing page.

For certain countries

The seller must comply with other relevant legal requirements (warranty, return, etc.) that may be applicable depending on your location as buyer.
For instance, in most EU countries you will generally have a 2-year legal conformity warranty and a 14-day right to return (Please note that in case of return, the buyer must bear the cost of returning the products to the seller).
In Brazil, you will generally have a 30-day (non-durable goods) or 90-day (durable goods) legal conformity warranty. Additionally, you will have a 7-day right of regret as outlined in the Brazilian consumer legislation.(Please note that special items such as prohibited items on AliExpress, underwear, socks, food, batteries, customized items are not applicable to the return policy.)
Statutory Rights For EU Consumers


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